Ward Accomplishments

We’ve done a lot in two years! From giving citizens a voice in how their tax dollars are spent at the Ward level, to creating a 5-year plan for safer streets, to being a leader of the progressive movement in St. Louis, to developing relationships at the local, state and national level, we’ve done a lot in a short amount of time. We’re just getting started! Let’s keep the momentum going to build a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable St. Louis.

Accomplishments: What we’ve done

Giving A Voice to Residents

Standing Up for People

Championing Good Government

  • Co-sponsor of legislation to create campaign finance limits in the City of St. Louis
  • Co-Sponsor of legislation to require fiscal notes on all legislation so that we know the financial implications of what we are passing
  • Introduced legislation to get lobbyists off the floor and off of the desks of members of the Board of Alderman
  • Co-Sponsor of legislation to ensure that Aldermanic votes are recorded online
  • Fighting to ensure that public money is spent on the public good, and not subsidize millionaire and billionaires

Creating Safe Streets

Leading the future